The Real Meaning of Luxury

Since we at SimpliCITY Nashville Real Estate purport to be “at the intersection of urban and luxury,” it seems that the way we define “luxury” warrants a mention.

We, as realtors, encounter dozens of clients within a year and we are  privy to an individual’s wish list and priorities. It seems that the concept of luxury can mean quite different things to different souls and we want to dispel the notion that we are catering only to high-end buyers or the crème de la crème (not that we discriminate against the crème at all…mais non!)

004To some, owning a home logistically convenient to their places of work, play, worship, education, etc. is priceless. In fact, for many, this CONVENIENCE is their top priority and certainly qualifies as a luxury. This is becoming such a phenomenon in Nashville, that the walkable, urban neighborhoods of Germantown, Belmont/12South, Hillsboro Village, Five Points/Lockeland Springs in East Nashville, to name a few, are the hottest spots in town.

But what if having a large yard for children to frolic, access to great neighborhood schools, and pools are your family’s idea of luxury?  The leafy suburbs of Brentwood and points South, as well as other outlying areas within a short commute of Nashville, are where those folks will conduct their home search. CLEAN AIR AND WIDE OPEN SPACES are a calling for many of our clients.

Another aspect of everyday living in which some buyers are finding luxury is in the MAINTENANCE FREE LIFE of high-rise condominium towers. Now we are guided to The Gulch and the Downtown Core where there is an abundance of upscale residential. Your previous home and yard cares become the domain of an attentive concierge and building maintenance crew.

However you define luxury, we at SimpliCITY Nashville are bound to identify it and find it for you whether your budget is $200,000 or $2,000,000.  We have the experience to guide you to your own personal Nirvana, and that is luxury indeed!