The Priceless Value of the Referral

We at SimpliCITY Nashville Real Estate live and die by the valued personal referral. The cleverest media ad, the merriest of mailings, the persistence of calls, texts, and emails cannot begin to expand our business as effectively as the verbal referral of a trusted friend or satisfied client.

How do you choose professionals in YOUR everyday life? Would you trust your root canal to someone in the Yellow Pages? Would you leave your child at a daycare center without vetting it thoroughly with parents who have had personal experience with the service? Would you draw up a legal document without the professional help of a degreed individual associated with a firm of good repute?

When purchasing or selling a home for our vast array of clients, in every price point and in all walks of life, our SimpliCITY partners know that exemplary service will set us apart from our competition and guarantee us the loyal promotion of our business. When you call one of our partners, if you have not been personally referred, ask us for a list of recent references. We promise you that we will stand up to scrutiny, and continue to grow our business with one more extremely satisfied client.

Read what clients have said about working with the SimpliCITY partners by clicking the photo link below, and viewing the Testimonials in each biography: